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Many companies do not have the technical staff or time needed to implement and administer an on-premises telephone system. However, companies with limited resources oftentimes still need customized or complex communications solutions. St. Louis Foods was faced with an outdated, premises-based, digital phone system and a limited technology staff before moving to a new location that required customized communications.

Founded in Missouri, St. Louis Foods is an ancillary food products provider for commercial restaurants across the Midwest. For decades, it was located in an old building with what the employees referred to as “spaghetti wiring” and a 20 year old digital phone system that had no modern calling features, including caller ID and voicemail.

After their original phone vendor went bankrupt, St. Louis Foods had difficulty finding anyone who had knowledge of old phone technology or access to legacy replacement parts. Thankfully, they discovered Digium Switchvox partner Matt Rygelski of PhoneWire in O’Fallon, Illinois. Rygelski worked with St. Louis Foods for about 8 months band-aiding, duct taping, and patching together their existing telephone system in order to keep it operational.

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