Old phone system just not cutting it?

Phones are what we do.  We’re here to help.

At Phonewire, we provide sales, support and installation of business telephone systems.  We are a company of craftsman who are passionate about making phone systems work.  That’s what we do — that’s all we do — so always deliver our very best.

E-commerce is still largely the province of large enterprises. When consumers engage with SMBs (small or medium-sized businesses), they are more likely to call — to get information, talk to a salesperson, or arrange for support. Small companies may also employ remote workers, and communicate with them over the phone. B2B sales are still usually accomplished via conference call. For a small business, it’s still important to have high-quality telephone calls provided consistently.

Your phone system is the most critical connection between you, your suppliers, and your customer. And although the technology continues to evolve, we are one of the few companies to dedicate our continuing education exclusively to telecommunications and customer service best practices.  Only trust a company with years of telecom experience to fully understand your expectations and deliver the truly reliable solution.

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We were into phones before phones were cool!

That's right, we said it. We make phones do amazing things. It's our passion.


The AT&T Synapse phone system delivers the greatest value, easiest installation, and the largest display screens in its class.


From the makers of Asterisk (the software that led the VoIP revolution), the Digium Switchvox does it all — cloud or on-premises.


VTech business phone systems is the #1 manufacturer of cordless phones in the world, with over 20 years of experience and 41 million handsets shipped.


How can we help?

Trying to grow companies is hard work.  Let us help with the phone system, so you can focus on one less thing.