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Phonewire, Inc. is here to cater to all your business telephone system needs. We take immense pride in our expertise in making phone systems work seamlessly for businesses like yours.

Your phone system is the lifeline connecting you to your suppliers and customers. At Phonewire, we understand the significance of this connection and the impact it has on your daily operations. That’s why we dedicate ourselves exclusively to telecommunications and the latest in customer service best practices.

With years of telecom experience under our belts, we have honed our skills to meet and exceed your expectations. Our team is committed to providing you with a truly reliable solution that you can trust, no matter the size or complexity of your business.

Looking for the best new office phone system? Look no further than Phonewire. We are dedicated craftsmen and women who are passionate about making phone systems work. With years of telecom experience, we understand your expectations and deliver reliable solutions.

At Phonewire, Inc., we stay at the forefront of technology advancements in the industry. Trust us, the experts, to provide the most critical connection between you, your suppliers, and your customers.

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VTech Snom

Affordable and reliable with a trusted 3-year warranty.

As low as $99 or $5.00/mo.

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2.8″ or 4.3″ Display

Several color displays to choose from.

Bluetooth 4.0+EDR

Headset compatibility on certain models.

3 Years

Industry-leading warranty.


Largest selection of models for different users and needs.

As low as $129 or $6.00/mo.

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Up to 7″ Touchscreen

Choose from 2.7″, 3.7″, 4.3″ displays or 7″ touchscreen.

Bluetooth 4.2

Headset compatibility on several models.

Acoustic Shield

Reduces background noise so your voice can be heard loud & clear.


Most advanced IVR call center functionality.

As low as $149 or $7.00/mo.

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Up to 7″ Touchscreen

Choose from 2.4″, 4.3″ displays, or 7″ touchscreen.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Headset compatibility on several models.

Advanced Integration

Easily connect business software applicaitons to your phone calls.

What our customers say.

“When a patient will call our Belleville office rather than our Mt. Vernon location, instead of asking them to hang up and dial another number (hoping we don’t lose that new client), we can now just transfer them to the other office without their ever knowing the difference.”

Mary Barr

Periodontics of Southern Illinois

“I have worked with Matt and his firm for a number of years. His service and attention to detail are some of the best I have experienced. He is always open to ideas and is very willing to act on good ideas. It is a pleasure working with him and his company. Highly recommended.

Rex Klein

Barryhund Administrators, Inc.

“In the 10 years that I have had the pleasure of working with Phonewire, I have seen the business grow and differentiate itself from the rest. Matt works closely with customers to find a solution for their needs. The commitment to his work and to his clients is a true testament to his success.”

Holli Hulett

Teledynamics, LLC

Digital Phone Systems

The Digital Phone System is used widely in small businesses, multi-location businesses, and retail solutions. Phonewire is proud to carry several brands of digital telephone systems, including the Avaya IP Office and Panasonic Digital Telephones.

One of the many benefits of digital phones is that they’re more energy-efficient than VoIP phones, generally requiring less energy to operate than VoIP phones. Digital phones can also operate on a variety of cable types, unlike VoIP phones, including CAT6, RJ45, Category 3, 5, and 5e. Although a separate cable must be run, in order to support a digital phone system, it can also minimize installation expense because the cabling is less costly.

VoIP Phone Systems

One of the many benefits of a VoIP Phone System is that your company can have VoIP Phones, located anywhere in the world, where there is a working internet connection. VoIP telephones keep your business connected, across the globe, as long as your employee can connect to the Internet.

Because there is only one network to build, and maintain, when you utilize a VoIP phone system, the same network cabling is used to connect other devices, such as computer workstations, across your enterprise. IP telephones can also be moved from one desk to another, without affecting the features that were unique to that phone extension. This provides small business owners with maximum flexibility in their telephone and computer network. In addition, some VoIP phones can connect using DECT wireless or sometimes Wi-Fi to make installation easier in places that do not have an Ethernet connection nearby.

Call Center Phone Systems

With the advancement of call center technology, a much smaller call center now can be a very profitable operation. We can help you find the right call center system for your business, at the lowest possible price. As well, sophisticated reporting features allow you to manage your call center agents better than ever before.

Whether your call center is inbound or outbound, Phonewire will work with your company identify the best Call Center System to meet the needs of your organization. There is a multitude of options and configurations, available, and our consultants are experienced in assisting our call center customers to find the best call center solution for their requirements.

Telephone System Repair

Do you need Business Phone System Repair? Wondering if you can still find parts for your business telephone system? We can provide the phone system maintenance you need, throughout the St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and Southwestern Illinois area. Your company’s phone system is a critical part of your business and having a reliable partner to service that system is imperative for your company’s success.

Phonewre provides phone system service and repair for clients who are looking to extend the life of their current telephone system. We will develop the proper maintenance plan, to ensure that you’re getting the most responsive service possible, within the St. Louis Metro area.

Voice & Data Wiring Solutions

Phonewire can design and implement a structured cable plan that will meet your voice & data wiring needs now, as well as allow for future growth and flexibility. We have handled a multitude of low voltage wiring projects while meeting the project deadline and respecting the project budget. We have installed complicated wiring infrastructures for clients across the country and feel supremely qualified to meet your company’s wiring contractor needs, as well.

Working with industry experts, you can trust that your project will have a comprehensive structured cable plan, based upon our detailed understanding of the scope of your project, as well as your company’s future needs.

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