Text Messaging for your Business Phone Number

Customers want to text your business!  With TextBox, your business phone number can send and receive text messages — and you don’t have to change anything with your phone service.

Truth is: Text is best

Most people prefer texting over talking for routine matters. Your customers want to engage with your business by text messaging. It’s more convenient and familiar.

Business telephone numbers used to be excluded from sending or receiving SMS text messages, until now.

Finally, your customers can text you on the same exact phone number they know & trust —

— and you do not have to change your monthly phone service!

Save your thumbs (& Use templates!)

Incoming texts are received through our software installed on your PC or Mac, or use a web browser. Sending and receiving texts from your business phone number is available from anywhere, securely and fully encrypted.

Several employees (users) can share access for sending & receiving for one business phone number and be notified simultaneously when new texts are received.

Send texts and reply from your computer keyboard, not a tiny cell phone keypad — and use canned shortcuts, set up automated replies based on keywords your customers send, or your own custom pre-set message response templates for quick replies!


Build & Grow a Stronger Relationship

Texting enables people to comfortably connect to your business as conveniently as a text messaging conversation with a friend. Now you can immediately respond to questions, solve problems, and thank them for their loyalty.

Send a group text message to your VIP client list to announce special discounts, coupon codes, or limited-time promotions to keep them engaged, appreciated, and profitable!



Who uses Text Messaging for their Business?

Auto Dealers & Repair Shops

Sell more cars. Stop wasting your time and needlessly interrupting your busy customers by text enabling your dealership or repair shop’s existing business phone number.

Crisis Helplines/Hotlines

Getting those that need help to make that first contact is the most difficult yet most important step. Make it easy and non-threatening by opening up the text channel.

Law Firms

When time is money, being able to quickly schedule, confirm, and reschedule appointments, request information, and answer questions is important.


Anywhere you display your number, include ‘Call OR Text’ to increase the likelihood of starting a conversation with an interested prospect. Texting is much less intimidating than calling.

Health Care

Appointment scheduling, rescheduling and reminders. Medication reminders.


Reservations, text-ahead seating, table is ready, to-go-orders, drink refills, general inquiries, feedback. Look around your restaurant and notice how many people are texting right now!


Cab/Car service scheduling, reservations, confirmations. After-school transportation service scheduling.

Volunteer Organizations

Communicate with volunteers regarding meetings, schedule changes and need responses.

Apartments/Student Living

Communicate with your residents the way that most of them prefer… and expect. Get more leads by allowing prospects to call or text your community. Decrease delinquencies by texting friendly reminders to residents.


College age students overwhelmingly use text as their primary means of communications. Advisors and faculty can now communicate in the manner their students prefer.

Radio Stations

Better engagement with your listeners. Fewer interruptions for your on-air talent. Listeners text song requests, on-air contests, quick comments, feedback.

Day Care / After-school

Busy parents appreciate the ease of texting absence notifications or change of pick-up time/person.  Send billing reminders, snack, ‘special day’ and closure reminders.


Conveniently and efficiently schedule, reschedule, and text remind your clients of appointments using the phone number your salon clients already know.


Expand advertising and leverage the value of the number on your signs. Communicate with other realtors and team members.


Communicate with parents regarding absences and early pick-ups.

Event Coordination

Efficiently communicate with outside staff for schedules or questions about your organized event through one simple number to text.

Veterinarians & Boarding Facilities

Communicate efficiently and effectively with your clients in the way that many of them prefer. Status updates, post-treatment notifications, appointment scheduling, and reminders.


Efficiently communicate with groups, committees, and volunteers. Announce prayer requests and special programs. Invite engagement during services. Text daily verses or inspirational messages.

Staffing Agencies

Recruiters can quickly and efficiently reach candidates and associates to fill last minute openings and keep them better connected with clients and associates.

Call Center Service/Support

Reduce hold times, abandoned calls and customer dissatisfaction with a text-support option. One phone operator can handle 1 simultaneous conversation — but can handle 5 to 10 simultaneous text conversations.


Anything from product availability requests to customer service requests to feedback. Make it convenient for your customers to communicate with you in the way they prefer.

Therapy Centers

Clients can easily text appointment confirmations and cancellations. Office can pre-set appointment reminders.

Valet Parking

Improve customer service with faster car retrievals and reduced wait time. Customer texts in valet requests and receives ‘your car is ready’ confirmation with pre-set text templates.

Is your business phone number compatible?


Most business telephone numbers and landline numbers are compatible with our add-on text service, but some numbers, and of course mobile numbers, are just not eligible. Enter your business telephone number below to check if text messaging can be activated for your line or not.

Plans and Pricing

Your customers are too busy to risk being put on hold or being answered by a confusing automated voicemail menu.  They want to text with you! When you are attentive to their needs and make yourself available on their preferred platform, you’ve built a relationship… and long-term customer.

• No obligation free trial – we won’t ask for a credit card or start auto-billing.
• No need to change your monthly telephone service provider.
• No activation charges or special equipment – just download the App and log in.
• No term commitments. Month-to-month billing. Annual prepaid discounts available.
• All plans include opt-out compliance using keyword STOP.

*Message Segments: 1 segment = 160 characters of plain text or 70 characters if an emoji is included. MMS/picture messages are 4 segments.

In order to activate your SMS texting service we must be able to verify your ownership of the number.  We’ll just give you a call at the number you are activating to confirm you are connected to it. Texting service may not be used for unsolicited messaging or spamming. API Access is available for $25.00/month.


We do offer up to 5% discount for quarterly pre-payment or up to 10% discount for annual pre-payment. Discounts depend on plan. Call +1.877.877.9473 for details.

Need a special application for Call Centers or other custom application requirements? Just ask us!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"I have had a great privilege to work with Phonewire and they have always able to meet my requests, such as creating a voice mail message for me since I am Deaf. I use this service for many years and find it very useful and effective to do my business in the past. I highly recommend this service (voice to text)."

Ken Brown III

CEO, Scan Mailboxes

"Phonewire, provides my solo law practice with an invaluable service. I am able to cut my costs dramatically for phone answering services and devote those funds to other more important tasks. It's definitely worth the reasonable monthly cost."


Fred Lutzen

Attorney, GEICO

"I've used Phonewire's service for a few years and it's still the coolest service I've seen. I get to see all of the text of my voicemails without the time wasted listening to them. I can answer the important ones first, then delegate the simple ones. Phonewire's system has worked flawlessly over thousands of calls. I love it!"

John Greer

AeroMarine Products, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would people need to text my business?
Because they Want to! Everybody texts these days. To many, texting someone is often much more efficient than calling. Texting a business is just a natural progression.
Is my phone number compatible?
First, enter your phone number in the search tool above. Usually, any landline number is compatible.  If the results above display that your number is NOT compatible, there may still be a way we can text-enable that line.  Give us a call at 1(877)877-9473 to discuss, its usually not a big deal its simply that our search tool isn’t 100% accurate.
Am I going to have to go through a bunch of hassles and changes with my phone company or my phone system?
Absolutely NOT!  Although the number is the same (think of it as an address) the text and voice networks are 100% separate. Your voice services and equipment operate as they always have. Your voice providers don’t even know (or care) that your number is also part of the text network.
How will I send and receive texts?
The easiest way to send and receive your business text messages is from the comfort of a computer with a full size screen and keyboard using our TextBox apps or your favorite Internet browser. We also have apps for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets that can access your TextBox on the go.
Do my customers, contacts, friends, staff need to have any special app?
Nope! Our platform “registers” your business phone number to the same text messaging world that cell phones use, which means 99.9% of all mobile phones in the U.S. and Canada can communicate with your TextBox service.
Can multiple people share the same text number?
Yes.  Except for our Personal plan, our service allows for multiple people be all be “logged in” to the same text messaging number.  Think of it in the same way as how multiple office phones ring when someone calls your business phone number — With TextBox, multiple people in (or out of) the office will receive a pop-up alert on their computer and can respond when someone texts your business phone number. And as texts come in and go out, each logged in device is synchronized with the conversation.
Will texts come in if we are on the phone?
Absolutely!  There is no connection or relationship between your voice and text services. They are completely independent of each other.
How will I know when new texts have been received?
POP!  Texts to your landline number automatically pop up on every computer screen, browser, tablet, and/or smartphone that you’ve installed our software or app.
Can each employee have their own text number?
Absolutely.  In fact, some offices assign a “direct” phone number to each of their employees to ring only their desk phone.  Ideally, you would want to text-enable each of those “direct” phone numbers so employees could advise customers to “call or text” that direct number.
Will I need some special equipment?
Absolutely none!  If you have an Internet connected computer, tablet, or smartphone, you have everything you need to start sending and receiving texts from your business phone number in minutes.
Can I upgrade after signing up?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. We do recommend customers to select the package that is closest to their expected needs.  If you have any concerns of what package is the best fit for your needs, please call us to discuss.