How is PHONEwire so different?

Communication is Essential

We encourage the sharing of ideas in the workplace, cooperative and collective work arrangements. We believe consumers can use their purchasing power to make a contribution to the common good, especially in encouraging of economic diversity through the support of small businesses.

We believe that persons come before profits. Every voice must be heard and considered.

Technology Is An Art

In order to do great work, you have to love the work that you do. We love phones. We meticulously and methodically approach each project as if it was our own investment, taking great care to appreciate all the details.

We take on the complexity so you experience simplicity. It is not simply a question of the technology alone, but how it is applied by our unique talents that makes the difference.

Relationships Delivers Results

We are a small company like yours, so we are committed to your success. We have built partnerships with big organizations to stand beside us and assure you’ll always be supported.

Every client is our opportunity for case study and reference, so it is our mutual goal to deliver our best work possible knowing that a future new customer may be secretly watching our efforts.

“Many of our customers come from our competitors — It turns out focusing on low price alone wasn’t the bargain they thought.

We want you to be a customer for life and we do that with great service that’s a great value.  But we aren’t for everyone… some people don’t care about service or the results, they only care about price.  Our reputation for high-quality solutions for over 20 years proves our commitment to customers first, not shareholders.”

Matt J. Rygelski

Founder and President, Phonewire, Inc.

Who are some of our clients?

Since 1998, PHONEwire has redefined communications for businesses.  We have configured systems with the primary goal of convenience and simplicity, while other projects have mastered the most complex of applications.  Below are just a few examples.