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Imagine a new business phone system upgrade that’s as simple as downloading a file.  And what if you didn’t need a phone on your desk anymore?

The technology needs of businesses are changing radically.  Most customers prefer different options to communicate with businesses and offering email or a landline phone number just isn’t enough today to build stronger and trusted relationships.  As businesses shift from phones to better solutions, those successful will create higher relationship value and stickier business loyalty.

We see the problem differently.  With our new solution at, it’s easy to adopt, use, and manage — no tech or IT staff is needed.  And now, you don’t need desk phones.

Finally engage customers the way they want by providing full information across interactions and channels, in their preferred choice and communication comfort level.

Imagine one application that does three things:

  1. Bring together all communication channels into a single thread of conversation.
  2. Bridge team communication, customer communication, and collaboration into one app.
  3. Bring customer communication, management, and engagement together in the same app.

There are few services today that enhance and drive business productivity in one solution for customer success.  One download to replace all of your other communication and collaboration apps such as Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting, Ring Central, Google Calendar, and Outlook.

Call 1 (877) 877-9473 to speak to your Phonewire expert.  You’ll be surprised at the cost savings and you’ll appreciate one less device on your desktop.

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