To VOIP or Not to VOIP?  We can do that.

Want to keep your landlines?  According to most analysis, if a business is going to exist more than 3 years, buying a premise-based phone system makes good economic sense instead of VoIP cloud hosted. 

Is your business growing, now or later, and VoIP makes more financial sense?  Our phones are unlocked and set for “dual-mode” so they can easily be programmed to connect with VoIP cloud service just as easily as they can be set to connect with the server appliance we install in your back office.

With us, it’s the best of both.  You get the financial and ownership benefits of On-Premise with the convenient monthly payment of Cloud, including:

1. Less Expensive
Why pay endlessly for a cloud-hosted service that you’ll never own?  Buying a phone system will always be less expensive than renting it forever.

2. Control & Customize
You have control.  At any time, you can switch providers or mix-and-match easily.  It’s your system and you can choose whatever monthly phone service you want, even add VoIP later if you like.

3. Resiliency
When the Internet goes down, your phones keep working.  Keep your reliable analog landline telephone lines, upgrade to VoIP to save even more money, or mix-and-match for the benefits of VOIP and the trustworthness of landline.

We didn’t want to pay endlessly for a Cloud-hosted phone system only to have nothing to show for it after spending years of thousands of dollars.

The local installer setup our new phones and system, and we got it all started for a small monthly fee that will drop to $0 after three years. This saved us over $10,000 and now we own it 100%!

Sarah R., Urban Initiatives

Buy the Server or Host in our Cloud?

This little box is the key no one else provides —
choose to pay a small monthly fee to use our managed servers, or purchase outright and gain freedom from monthly per-phone VOIP fees!

Future-proof “Dual-mode” Phones

You’re in control — add new phones where you need them, your choice.  Cordless, conference, touchscreen or basic phones are your choice. 
Read our best phone recommendations here!

Yes, There’s an App for That

If you like, transform your smartphone into a fully-featured office extension with transfer and music on hold.  Or add a Bluetooth headset to your PC. Now make & receive calls anywhere — showing your office Caller ID.
Take a look at this demo video!

Robust Feature Set

This phone system is designed to help you grow your business by providing plenty of business-enhancing features and functions, such as:

App Center


Auto Provisioning

Automated Attendant


Billing App

Call Back

Call Detail Records (CDR)

Call Monitor

Call Park

Call Recording

Call Routing

Call Transfer


Distinctive Ringtone

Emergency Number

Event Center

Email to SMS/SMS to Email

Fax to Email

Find Me/Follow Me

Hot Standby

Import/Export Extensions

LDAP Server App

Mobility Extension

Music on Hold



Ring Group

Remote Management

SIP Forking


Speed Dial

Time Condition

User Portal

User Privileges

Video Calls


Voicemail to Email

VPN Server App

Easily to Manage & Support

With our optional Remote Monitoring & Management subscription, we provide all upgrades & support.  Or you can log in and manage your own system too.
View Live Demo with login: admin & password

Local Installation Available

Yes, we can send a professional installer to set it all up!  Or if you already have an tech person you trust, we can provide install-assistance remotely.

Click here to check if an installer is available at your address.

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