The business phone system that works like you.

According to most analysis, buying a premise-based phone system you own and connect with landline telephone service makes better economic sense than a VoIP cloud-hosted expense.

When your business grows and VoIP makes more financial sense, our phones are unlocked and support “dual-mode” — they can easily be programmed to use our VoIP Cloud Service or connect with the Mini-Server we install and connect to your Analog Landline Phone Numbers.

With us, there’s no wrong decision — it’s the best of both.  You get the financial and ownership benefits of On-Premise and the convenient monthly payment of Cloud, including:

1. Less Expensive
Why pay endlessly for a cloud-hosted service that you’ll never own?  Buying a phone system will always be less expensive than renting a system forever.

2. Control & Customize
You have control.  At any time, you can switch telephone providers or mix-and-match easily.  It’s your system and you can choose whatever monthly phone service you want, even choose a VoIP service later if you like.

3. Resiliency
When the Internet goes down, your desk phones keep working.  Keep your reliable analog landline telephone lines, upgrade to VoIP to save even more money, or mix-and-match for the benefits of VOIP and the trustworthiness of landline.

We didn’t want to pay endlessly for a Cloud-hosted phone system only to have nothing to show for it after spending years of thousands of dollars.

The local installer setup our new phones and system, and we got it all started for a small monthly fee that will drop to $0 after three years. This saved us over $10,000 and now we own it 100%!

Sarah R., Urban Initiatives

What Business Phones Do I Need?


Upgrading your business phone system helps you stay competitive and provides a better customer service experience.  Good communication on multiple channels is essential for building relationships, making decisions quickly, and achieving business goals effectively.

There is the secret no one else will tell you…


You have a choice.  Purchase your new business phone system as an “all-VOIP service” with all of the advantages it provides — or an on-premises “gateway” for an extra layer of reliability and keep your old analog landline phone numbers.

Communicate More Clearly

At Phonewire, Inc., we provide top-notch business phone services for companies of all sizes. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, we’ve got you covered.


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I'm Ready to Buy

I’m pretty sure I know the solution I want and now I want to get the best price possible.


I Have Questions

I’m looking to buy a new system soon and have some questions for our business.

My System is Broken

I have a system now, but it’s not working.  I need something that works.

Managed Maintenance & Support

With a Remote Monitoring & Management subscription, we manage all upgrades & basic troubleshooting support.  Or you can log in to manage your own adds, moves, changes.

There’s An App For That!

Work wherever you’re most productive and get the job done. 

For those who don’t need a physical desk or work-from-home, add the annual license then install the App on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  Make & receive calls on your device — and your outgoing calls will show your business Caller ID number.

All Features Included

This phone system is designed to help you improve your communications and grow your business by providing plenty of business-enhancing features and functions, such as:

App Center

Auto Caller ID

Automatic Provisioning

Automated Attendant

Block Telemarketers

Call Back

Call Detail Records (CDR)

Call Monitor

Call Park

Call Recording (Optional)

Call Routing

Call Transfer

CRM Integration (Optional)


Distinctive Ringtone

Dialed 911 Notification

Emergency Number

Event Center

Fax to Email

Find Me/Follow Me

Hot Standby

Shared Hold Buttons

Shared Line Buttons

LDAP Directory Integration

Music on Hold

Paging Speakers


Ring Group

Remote Management

SIP Forking


Speed Dial

Time Condition

User Portal

User Privileges

Video Calls


Voicemail to Email

VPN Server App

Door Entry & Voice Announcement Speakers

Broadcast important messages and control access for safety.

Safety, security, and emergencies demand full, high definition clarity throughout your entire facility with automatic volume to overcome ambient noise and enhance speech.  Add door intercom and ceiling-mounted speakers where safety & security are essential.

Local, Professional Installation!

We can send a professional to install it all for a small fee — a totally care-free experience.  If you have an IT person, we can instead provide install assistance remotely at no charge.

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