Read Your Voicemail

The most trusted voicemail to text service available, typed by actual human beings, with the same fast delivery speed of our less-than-accurate competition.

Unbeatable Accuracy

We use actual humans to type out your voice messages. Always have. It lets us do cool things like custom spellings, web form completion, and other really neat (highly accurate) apps.

Developer API

Our service is easily integrates with just about every phone system and service available.  But just in case, the platform is open to developers who need unique integrations too.

Multi-task and read your voicemails while on the phone.

Voicemail Transcription gives you the ability to read your voicemail rather than listening to the actual message. Your voicemail message is transcribed by an automated system or a team of transcribers then emailed or texted directly to you. Forward voicemail transcription messages to friends, family, co-workers, partners or employees.

Powered by people makes all the difference.

Sometimes automated transcription isn’t perfect. Accents can be difficult, so can fast speakers. Which is why we provide voicemail transcription by real people. We can even place notes on the transcriptionist’s screen for your account so that difficult spellings are typed right, every time. With the highest accuracy in the industry, our voicemail transcription will finally give you the ability to read your voicemail rather than listening ever again!

Plans and Pricing

Our voicemail to text transcription service is month-to-month with no contract required. We operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to transcribe your voicemail anytime — day or night, weekends, vacations, and holidays are no problem — and deliver the transcription to up to 4 email and/or text message addresses per User.

Custom rate plans are available, depending on your needs and specific application of the service. Just call us toll-free at 1(877)877-9473 and ask!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"I have had a great privilege to work with Phonewire and they have always able to meet my requests, such as creating a voice mail message for me since I am Deaf. I use this service for many years and find it very useful and effective to do my business in the past. I highly recommend this service (voice to text)."

Ken Brown III

CEO, Scan Mailboxes

"Phonewire, provides my solo law practice with an invaluable service. I am able to cut my costs dramatically for phone answering services and devote those funds to other more important tasks. It's definitely worth the reasonable monthly cost."


Fred Lutzen

Attorney, GEICO

"I've used Phonewire's service for a few years and it's still the coolest service I've seen. I get to see all of the text of my voicemails without the time wasted listening to them. I can answer the important ones first, then delegate the simple ones. Phonewire's system has worked flawlessly over thousands of calls. I love it!"

John Greer

AeroMarine Products, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you censor my messages?
No.  Except “uh”s and “um”s, we type that voice message word-for-word.  We built a service on trust and absolute accuracy, so we do not and will not exercise any censorship.
Can I use this service with provider X?
Yes, you are free to use this transcription service with any cloud-telephone service provider. All that is required is your ability to send us an e-mail to your unique submission address with the audio attached as a WAV or MP3 for each voicemail message that you receive.
How long can voice messages be?
Our maximum length accepted is 5 minutes per message.  Any messages that are longer than 2 minutes may receive lower processing priority.  Special exceptions may be made for accounts with unique applications requiring longer than 5 minute message processing.
What are the costs if I go over the prepaid minutes?
Just like the prepaid minutes in your plan, overage minutes are billed in 1-second increments. No rounding up to full minutes or 30-second “message units”. On the Individual Plan, the cost for additional minutes are $0.75 (about $0.0125 per second). On the Small Office plan, it’s $0.70 per minute (about $0.0117 per second). On the Enterprise plan, it’s $0.65 per minute (about $0.0110 per second).
Can I upgrade after signing up?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. We do recommend customers to select the package that is closest to their expected monthly usage.
Can I replace my cell phone's voicemail with yours?
Yes, most likely.  Give us a call and we can walk you through the instructions to send all of your unanswered cell phone calls to our service for transcription instead of your cell phone’s built-in voicemail service.