5 (Dumb) Reasons Why You Don’t Have a New Phone System

Despite the fact that every business needs to communicate with its customers and studies have shown more people prefer speaking to a real person than using automated systems, some managers and owners still don't believe they can benefit from investing in a new phone...

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I need a new phone system but don’t know where to start

So, you’re in the market for a new business phone system – great! You’re in the right place! Whether you’re the business owner or you’ve been tasked with simply researching the best options, we have all the information you need to help you or your organization reach a...

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Why upgrade when my old phone system still works

If It Ain't Broke...  Why Should I Bother Upgrading? When your communications system lasts beyond its useful life, you risk paying a significant 'opportunity cost' by holding on to it.   Every technology has a useful life -- that's when it performs the way it was...

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Best Phone System for Law Offices

For lawyers, especially for those billing in six-minute increments, time is money. Investing in a business communications solution that maximizes efficiency and productivity is the key to maximizing time. In addition, a law firm’s reputation is vital to its success...

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Create a Day/Night button with status light in Switchvox

Setting up a Day/Night button on a Switchvox Digium receptionist phone may initially seem like an impossibly complicated task.  Searching through Google or even Digium's own knowledge base doesn't seem to have a clear answer and, unfortunately, most people will give...

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The day my Nortel Norstar Phone System died

It was in 2009 that Avaya acquired Nortel.  When Nortel went bankrupt, it left customers stranded and scared.  It has become increasingly difficult to find replacement parts and trained technicians for the Nortel Norstar phone system as many of the technicians are...

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Toshiba no longer supporting Business Phone Systems

The recent announcement by Toshiba that it is shutting down its Telecommunications System Division took customers and dealers by surprise. But should it have been such a surprise? Toshiba is yet another phone manufacturer to drop out of the industry.  With bad...

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