Redefining the definition of “Office”

A simple phone system solution for every business size, type, and location.

Made for Smartphones

Upgrade your small business communication with our innovative app that allows you to make and receive business calls right from your cell phone. Stay connected no matter where you are and never miss an important call again. 

No Desk Phone Required

Phonewire is a powerful small business phone system on an app for a remote and mobile workforce with an iPhone, Android, or laptop. Stay connected to the “office” no matter where you are.  Add physical desk phones later.

Every Feature Included

No nickle-and-dime nonsense. Get a small business smartphone phone system on an app is able to provide a unified communications system for one location or many locations — for the best value anywhere.

Automated Attendent

Create an automated, customizable greeting that lets callers choose the person or group they are trying to reach with a simple selection.

Business Caller ID

Make, receive, and transfer calls from your cell phone. Calls reach the right person and outgoing calls show the Business Caller ID.

Reports and Analytics

See details about all calls in your system and where they go. Custom, statistical reports can be scheduled and emailed to you automatically.

Local & Toll-Free Number

Move your existing phone number over to your new Switchvox phone service or choose a new phone number from any U.S. area code or get your own toll-free number.

Online Control Panel

Click to call any number, see who’s on a call, update your call rule status, or set up a conference call — all with the included Switchboard web-interface.

Custom Ringing Rules

See who is in the office and know who is on a call or away. Have calls only ring during business hours or forward only when you change your status.

Call Queuing

Not just for call centers, the Switchvox brings powerful call sequencing and queuing to offer new ways to handle lots of inbound callers more efficiently.

Recording & Monitoring

Great for training and auditing calls, managers can easily monitor, whisper, barge and record calls from the Switchboard web interface or from mobile phone app.

Voicemail to Email

Forward your voicemail messages to your email with an audio attachment. Or, add our voicemail transcription service and read your voicemail as typed text.


Switchvox Softphone App
for Android


Switchvox Softphone App
for Apple/iOS


 Switchvox Phone
Mac & Windows PC App


Switchboard User Interface 
for any Web Browser

Compare the Competition

Switchvox is in a league of its own.  It’s reliability is solid.  It’s value is hands-down the best, dollar-for-dollar.  And let’s not ignore, Switchvox is designed, built, and managed from the same company that disrupted old monopolies and revolutionized the telecommunications industry as the first to open phone systems to the Internet age.  Switchvox gets it right because they know their stuff.  They lead the industry because they created it.

Work Smarter

Get the mobile app download and find out if a Mobile App phone system is right for your business.

For a limited time, experience the full power of our award-winning Switchvox Cloud-hosted phone system risk-free for 30 days!

You’ll get five Switchvox Mobile app users, five Switchboard web dashboard users, inbound and outbound calling, unlimited call queues, call recording, and every other feature above.

We won’t disturb anything with the phones you have now. We just know we’re the best cloud hosted business phone system and seeing is believing, so we put our money where our mouth is! What have you got to lose?

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"I have had a great privilege to work with Phonewire and they have always able to meet my requests, such as creating a voice mail message for me since I am Deaf. I use this service for many years and find it very useful and effective to do my business in the past. I highly recommend this service (voice to text)."

Ken Brown III

CEO, Scan Mailboxes

"Phonewire, provides my solo law practice with an invaluable service. I am able to cut my costs dramatically for phone answering services and devote those funds to other more important tasks. It's definitely worth the reasonable monthly cost."


Fred Lutzen

Attorney, GEICO

"I've used Phonewire's service for a few years and it's still the coolest service I've seen. I get to see all of the text of my voicemails without the time wasted listening to them. I can answer the important ones first, then delegate the simple ones. Phonewire's system has worked flawlessly over thousands of calls. I love it!"

John Greer

AeroMarine Products, Inc.

The Benefits of an All-Mobile Phone System

When you avoid the cost of desk phones, you’re free to put those resources to more productive things.  Mobility equals freedom.

Be Professional

Switchvox Small Business Mobility Edition ensures customer calls are always professionally answered and get effectively routed to a real human being, even if your organisation is distributed, virtual and mobile. Switchvox Mobility delivers powerful main line features with an auto-attendant, receptionist option, dynamic member call groups and configurable voice menus.

Be Efficient

Switchvox Mobility ensures you can always reach colleagues and transfer calls to them with a few clicks. It includes a live online directory where you can instantly see if a colleague is in a call or in Do Not Disturb mode. You can click to call, or dial and transfer main line calls using short number extensions. Your company voice mails are always accessible on the go.

Be Private

With Switchvox Mobility you no longer have to share or reveal your personal cell number to business contacts. Give your personal cell number only to friends and family, such that you ensure only they can get through to you when you are not available for business calls. Set your office line to ‘Do Not Disturb’, or leave call groups, to avoid receiving incoming office calls to your smartphone when you are not working.

Be Everywhere

Switchvox Small Business Mobility Edition allows you to manage your company calls professionally anywhere there is a Wi-Fi or cellular network, in the office, home, hotel, meetings, car, abroad, and in a coffee shop. All carriers and cellular network standards are supported.

Be Organized

Switchvox Mobility brings mobile telephony back into the management domain of the business. With Switchvox you can easily check the history and status of all your company’s business calls. More than 1/2 of business calls today are cellular, bypassing your existing landlines, virtual PBXs, PC soft-phones, hosted VoIP or fixed phone lines. With Switchvox, IT managers regain their ability to manage corporate communications and to double-check important customer calls are dealt with in a professional manner.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install it for me?
Yes, but once you download the app on your smartphone there really isn’t much else to do.  We can help you setup your app over a simple phone call.  If you would like an on-site technician to assist you in person, we have a thousands of qualified installers available throughout the United States to install it all — headache free. It’s entirely your choice — whatever option fits you best.
Why choose a phone system with its own softphone app?
The Switchvox phone service supports any standard SIP phone and softphone app including Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, CounterPath, and more.  But our Switchvox Softphone smartphone app is unique (and best) because it fully integrates with the Switchvox phone system service and all its features.
Do you offer a demo or free trial?
Yes, we do offer a 30 day free trial of our Switchvox cloud phone service to test! Complete this simple form and we’ll set up your own demo server, configured however you like. Then, we’ll help you get the Softphone smartphone app downloaded and activated for up to five users in your office.

Does Switchvox offer fax capabilities?
Absolutely, yes!  First, you have the ability to receive all incoming faxes in your e-mail as a PDF.  Second, you have the ability to send e-mails from your desktop PC with a few simple clicks.  Be sure to ask for the e-fax extension option when you order your new service.
If I receive a call transferred to my cell, what can I do with it during the call?
When a call is transferred from Switchvox to your Softphone smartphone app, you can Hold, Transfer, Record, or Conference.  If you setup forwarding to your home phone or cell phone (instead of using the Softphone smartphone app), you have “hidden” options that emulate features you would normally have when using the smartphone app.  Those include the ability to place the call on music-on-hold, transfer the call to any other user, send the caller to your voicemail (or someone else’s voicemail), or enable immediate call recording using a simple ** code.
Does Switchvox offer Visual Voicemail?
Yes!  Voicemail can be accessed through the screen of the Switchvox smartphone app, allowing you to scroll up and down through the list of all voicemail messages (and call recordings) showing the time, date, and Caller ID of each message allowing you to quickly choose which messages to play and which to delete or forward.  Voicemail messages can also be set up to forward to your e-mail address with the audio attached.
What about technical support?
Included with your monthly subscription is unlimited 24/7 technical support.  Call, e-mail, or submit a trouble ticket to technical support easily if any issue should ever resolve.  We’re here to help!