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Despite the fact that every business needs to communicate with its customers and studies have shown more people prefer speaking to a real person than using automated systems, some managers and owners still don’t believe they can benefit from investing in a new phone system. Here are some of the most common reasons owners give for not having a phone system.. and why they should rethink their position.

1. Costs Too Much Money

Business phone systems can start at less than $2,000 or you could rent phones monthly with all calling services and phone line charges bundled for less than $150.  Most people spend more than that on coffee in a month.  Consider that your average monthly sales made through those phones should more than pay for itself. What’s more, many businesses are pleasently surpirsed to find their sales volume increases after installing a new phone system and that phone system helps boost employee productivity by making it easier to get things done. So really, how much money has been lost to dropped calls and lost sales opportunities because the old phone system is sending everyone to voicemail all the time?

2. It’s Hard to Use

New phone systems come complete with intuitive, easy to use controls that allow better communication without missing out on features because of weird dialing codes or awkward procedures.  In fact, some business phone even offer a touchscreen that look no different than that cell phone in your pocket. No “dial 9”.  Just pick up the phone and dial a number, it’s just that easy.  Or, click on a phone number on your computer and let the phone dial it automatically! As technology improves, things become simpler to use and customize.  When employees are no longer afraid to use features, they become excited about their job and more productive with those new tools.

3. I’ve Heard VoIP Sounds Bad

Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies out there who say they offer “business” phone systems but instead they simply drop-ship phones and say “Good luck”!  VoIP phone systems work really well, offer many features that simply weren’t available with older technologies, and even offer a pricing model that make it very affordable to upgrade an entire phone system with very little money upfront.  When configured properly by telecommunication experts, not just network people, you find a system that works well and sounds better than anything else you’ve ever heard.  It’s all about partnering with the right company with the right implementation experts, not deciding exclusively on the cheapest because sometimes you get what you pay for… be sure you are working with a company that invests more in quality professionals, not expensive television advertising.

4. I’ll Just Use Cell Phones

Cell phones really have come a long way, but they still lack one important need — battery life. How successful is that deal you’re closing when the battery suddenly dies?  Also, cell phones don’t offer the ability to transfer calls so your caller has to hang up and call others — very frustrating and unprofessional.  In addition, if they get sent to voicemail because you are on another call or out of range, they can’t escape back to an operator or group to have their question answered now.  They wait.  And when customers wait, they are often tempted to search online and call competitors. You can bet your competitors are happy to answer their call and answer their questions faster.

5. Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Well, the truth is that your phone system is broke. Your old phone system is old, hard to find replacement parts, and increasingly difficult to find anyone who understands how to program it. It’s only a matter of time before the solder joints begin to weaken due to the heat that old phone system has been trying its best to dissipate for a decade. Business will likely grind to a halt while you scramble to figure out why your phones aren’t working. Like sharks smelling blood in the water, you can bet that new phone system is going to come with a premium because of your urgency. You are always better off to plan to replace such a critical component of your business before a major failure crisis that you almost certainly know is right around the corner. It’s only a matter of time and this is not worth waiting for.

If you contact us today, you could have a new system installed within a week in most cases, and you begin to appreciate the piece-of-mind knowing your customer’s first impression is operating perfectly and putting your best foot forward.