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Over the years, we have had countless companies compare Asterisk and Switchvox to find the communications solution that is the right fit for their company. FormFast, a technology leader in St. Louis, Missouri in automating medical documents and streamlining workflow for hospitals and medical clinics, was recently faced with this decision. As a highly skilled, technical company, they were intrigued with the idea of developing their own phone system. They thought it would be the perfect solution for their growing company, which included a call center and over 100 remote employees. However, after conducting research for the project, FormFast realized they just did not have the time and resources to dedicate to the project.

FormFast began speaking with a local reseller and custom software systems integrator, Phonewire, Inc., to discuss their proprietary options, and when Phonewire introduced them to Switchvox, they were hooked. Since Switchvox is built on top of Asterisk, it gave them all of the features and functionality of an Asterisk system, but it was preconfigured for an easy deployment. It also helped to reduce the price of Switchvox to make it considerably more affordable than other vendors’ pre-built phone systems.

Since Switchvox utilizes the flexibility of Asterisk, FormFast no longer has to worry about connecting their remote employees. They simply use Switchvox’s web-based interface to easily add new employees regardless of their location. FormFast has also enjoyed the built-in Unified Communications features Switchvox has to offer, such as the integration with their Salesforce CRM.

If you are a company trying to decide whether Asterisk or Switchvox is the right fit for you, I strongly encourage you to check out the FormFast case study. You can see their decision process and how they weighed the pros and cons of each system.