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Create the Perfect Vibe

Over 70+ high-definition music stations are programmed by real people, not machines. You choose the mood and we’ll take care of keeping it — or use an automatic schedule if the vibe must change from lunch to dinner.

Tuned In to Your Business

Over 70+ hand-crafted music stations, all commercial-free and interruption-free with no DJ chatter, every station is fully licensed for business use and painstakingly cleaned of offensive content.

Background Music Licensed for Use in Your Business

Relax, we’ve got this. Don’t risk your business to an ASCAP lawsuit — a legal fight could kill your company. We take care of all music licensing fees and reporting.

Cloud Managed Music on Hold and Business Audio

Custom On Hold Audio

Telephone music & message on hold solution with custom, professional voice-over announcements and scheduling.

Premium Background Music

Over 70 custom, commercial-free and interruption-free station styles — all licensed and royalty-paid for business use.

Manage Multiple Sites Remotely

Whether one location or many, messages and music are easily managed & updated online from anywhere!

Music matters!

Many business owners, small and large, recognize the impact of being able to play background music in their shops. Music can entertain patrons, set the mood, and create a unique, more relaxing atmosphere for guests.

Typical examples of playing music in public places include:

  • Background ambiance in cafes and restaurants to set a certain mood.
  • Upbeat music at the start of a meeting or event to motivate and excite attendees.
  • Hold music for business phone lines.
  • Energetic and exciting music in gyms to provide energy to customers.
  • Relaxing music in spas or massage clinics to relax clients.
  • Modern music in retail stores to create hip shopping environments.

Satellite or Internet Delivery

Our revolutionary audio system includes delivery by Internet, or satellite receiver for locations with no or slow Internet. No DJs, No Station IDs.  You set the mood and we keep it — uninterrupted.

We want to make sure you’re playing a legal, licensed background music service inside of your business, 200+ channel choices and Pandora Artist Radio, including profanity/commercial-free music and 24/7 play without interruptions.


You can have it all — and the best, most competitive pricing! Powerful cloud-managed streaming business music service and playback device. If you are upgrading from another service provider to ours, you may qualify for a significant discount on every player purchased automatically after 3 months of continuous service.


With our dual zone audio player, you can play both message on-hold and streaming background music, simultaneously and independently, all from the same device.

Business Music

With an ability to insert customized commercials and capability of simple or advanced scheduling, our business music service is like no other!

Voice Talent

The easy & affordabale way to get custom messages produced for your business audio, selecting from a diverse group of professional voice actors to fit your brand.

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