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In Person

To get the most out of your solution, your employees must know how to use it. We are able to provide the education, training, and one-on-one guidance needed for your company’s employees to know every advantage our solution provides for them, empowering your business staff to effectively and comfortably do their job — and best deliver the ROI.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” –Will Durant

Our in-person training solution offers:

  • Fast, efficient, interactive training for your entire staff.
  • Determine exactly which employees should be trained for which equipment and/or software.
  • Pre-schedule hands-on training classes to minimize company downtime during work hours.
  • Help your employees develop a full understanding of how your company’s daily operations affect your communication infrastructure, and educate them on what actions to take and/or who to contact when issues arise.
  • Ensure that your company has documentation and reference materials specifically written for your custom system.

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Online, Interactive

Online training provides self-paced video courses designed to make you more productive and unleash the full power of your new solution from Phonewire. By the end of the training, users will be comfortable with basic functionality. These training modules are easy to understand, structured logically, and will benefit non-technical and technical users alike.

User training provides general use instruction with productivity and enhancement tutorials. Administrator training allows you to provide the support, customization, and best practices built on the chosen platform.  Training is modular and divided by topics, so students can view all of the videos or simply brush up on the topics that are relevant to them.

Online training modules are available for:

Online, Video Only

After in person training or self-paced online interactive training, its good to have a place for quick video review of key features. These training videos are organized logically and by specific topic to offer the option to view all of the videos and provide complete new user training, or simply brush up on the topics that are relevant to them when needed later.

Online training video examples include: