Disaster Preparedness

Unfortunate things happen to great organizations every day.  Are you able to quickly & efficiently deliver information updates and connect decision makers, regardless of their location?

Always Be Ready

Whether the threat is slow-moving like a tropical storm, or as immediate as a chemical spill, be ready with communication tools to quickly and efficiently address any crisis.


Share Knowledge

Provide updates to employees and customers by voice announcement call-in mailboxes, on-the-fly multi-party conference, and real-time information and updates by text messaging.

Make Decisions

Instantly assemble real-time crisis response from a few key executives to dozens of specialists while keeping employees and customers empowered and informed throughout the event.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!
“I have had a great privilege to work with Phonewire and they have always able to meet my requests, such as creating a voice mail message for me since I am Deaf. I use this service for many years and find it very useful and effective to do my business in the past. I highly recommend this service (voice to text).” Ken Brown III

CEO, Scan Mailboxes

“Phonewire, provides my solo law practice with an invaluable service. I am able to cut my costs dramatically for phone answering services and devote those funds to other more important tasks. It’s definitely worth the reasonable monthly cost.”  Fred Lutzen

Attorney, GEICO

“I’ve used Phonewire’s service for a few years and it’s still the coolest service I’ve seen. I get to see all of the text of my voicemails without the time wasted listening to them. I can answer the important ones first, then delegate the simple ones. Phonewire’s system has worked flawlessly over thousands of calls. I love it!” John Greer

AeroMarine Products, Inc.