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Built specifically for your small business or restaurant, answering and transferring calls is easy with the M-KLE Cordless 4-Line Series. The desk phones and cordless handsets feature “key system emulation” (KLE) for improved call handling — making it easy to see incoming calls, hold calls, and pick up a call on hold from the handset with a simple press of a line button. The key-line mode of operation means someone can place a call on hold with one button, then retrieve the call from another device with one-touch. No crazy Call Parks or star-codes, just press hold, the caller hears hold music, and the key-line light blinks on every phone.

Easy deployment: Only the base station control unit requires configuration by us. After set-up, you can add up to a combination of 10 cordless handsets or cordless desk phones any time your business grows.  And because its all wireless — using DECT (not Wi-Fi) — you’ll be using your new phones in no time!

Improved call handling: It’s easy to see incoming calls, hold calls, and pick up a call on hold from the handset with a simple press of a button. The series can manage 6 calls on the handset and features dual mode operation: key system or multi-key line appearance.

Long, wireless range: DECT 6.0 technology allows people to move and stay connected with up to 500 feet of range, so employees can go as mobile as they need in a bustling business.  No need to rewire the entire office, just connect the control unit then set your new phones anywhere in your business at any electrical outlet.

4-Line Desk + Speakerphone
No Ethernet jack required.

4-Line Standard Cordless
with Speakerphone

4-Line “Rugged” Cordless
with Built-in Speakerphone

Conference Speakerphone
with 2 Wireless Mics

Door Intercom Phone with
Door Open/Unlock Controls

Wireless Repeater
Range Expansion Module
Under-The-Ear Flex Grip
Headset w/ Noise Reduction

2-Way Intercom/Paging Horn
for Outdoor or Warehouse

Easy Wireless Installation

Set up your phone system in minutes. There’s no complicated wiring or cabling requirements. You only need one Ethernet connection for the DECT base control unit and you’re done.

Automated Attendant

Customize announcements for during business hours and after, with different times for weekdays & weekends, to answer incoming calls, reduce telemarketers, and guide your callers.

Music on Hold

Use the built-in default hold music or easily upload your own MOH production for a customized experience with your own music & “please continue to hold” voice announcements.

Three-Year Warranty

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an industry leading, standard three-year warranty. Snom warranty provides advanced replacement using new, not refurnished, products.

HD Crystal Clear DECT

Using encrypted DECT wireless technology at 1.9GHz to connect employees up to 1/2 mile away, you’ll have no interference from nearby Wi-Fi signals and superior G.722 HD sound.

Voicemail Included

Improve customer service with personal voicemail for every extension. Employees can customize their messages for their daily schedules, ensuring callers are handled effectively.


Programmable Line Keys

Program backlit line keys right on the cordless phone to give you one button hold and resume from any cordless handset or deskset. You can also program a key for a private line.

Works in Power Outage

With the addition of the optional battery backup for your control unit, each phone has its own built-in internal battery to keep you up and running for up to 7 hours during a power outage.

Call Log & Phonebook

Store up to 200 names and numbers automatically saved for any missed calls, and up to 1,000 names and numbers can be stored in the private phonebook directory of each handset.

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What Our Customers Say

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"When a patient will call our Belleville office rather than our Mt. Vernon location, instead of asking them to hang up and dial another number (hoping we don't lose that new client), we can now just transfer them to the other office without their ever knowing the difference."

Mary Barr

Periodontics of Southern Illinois

"I have worked with Matt and his firm for a number of years. His service and attention to detail are some of the best I have experienced. He is always open to ideas and is very willing to act on good ideas. It is a pleasure working with him and his company. Highly recommended."

Rex Klein

Barryhund Administrators, Inc.

"In the 10 years that I have had the pleasure of working with Phonewire, I have seen the business grow and differentiate itself from the rest. Matt works closely with customers to find a solution for their needs. The commitment to his work and to his clients is a true testament to his success."

Holli Hulett

Teledynamics, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the warranty?

With an industry leading, 3-year limited warranty, you can focus on growing your business.  Optionally, the warranty can be extended to five-years for a very small cost.  Ask us to include the option in your proposal.

Can you install it for me?
Yes.  We have a thousands of qualified installers available throughout the United States to install it all — headache free.  Alternatively, some customers choose to install the system themselves with our “remote programming and initial configuration setup” option instead.  It’s entirely your choice — whatever option fits you best.
Can I use this system with provider X?
AT&T SynJ integrates with any telephone service provider that offers PSTN (or POTS) analog telephone lines.  Most do.  Also, with an optional adapter module, the system is compatible with SIP Trunking technology and is certified to work with leading service providers, including AT&T, Spectrum, Verizon, Broadvox, Nextiva, and Jive.  Contact us and we can build a very competitive quote for your telephone lines and calling services!
Do these phones work with headsets?
Yes.  You can easily connect a wired or wireless headset to any of these phones.  Ask us to include the number of headsets you need to your proposal and let us know if you’d prefer wireless or wired.
What about regular maintenance and support?
Phonewire is a certified partner with best-in-class product support team.  When you purchase your system, you can optionally purchase a support plan to make sure you keep your new business phone system running smoothly with all the latest features and software upgrades.
Do you offer financing options?
Yes, we do offer financing through our select lenders.  Our attractive financing options make SynJ easy to implement within consideration of your available budget.  Our proposal/quote will typically include one financing suggestion, but please do not hesitate to express your interest in other financing options so we can explore which program would be the best for you.

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