Acoustic Fence™ Technology = Voice Clarity Excellence

Our Polycom VVX-series phones with Acoustic Fence™ technology keep business conversations free from extraneous noises and distractions typically surrounding most office (or home office) environments.  Exclusive to Polycom, they make this possible by using multiple microphones in the phone to automatically reducing background noises – co-workers’ chatter, loud machinery, or even barking dogs for example – and “cancel out” all soundwaves except the actual speaker’s voice.  The end result reduces and allows remote callers to hear and focus on the meeting at hand.


High Definition Sound

Polycom VVX deliver high definition sound like you’ve never heard before. Finally make “buzzing” and “scratchy” telephone calls a thing of the past!

Acoustic Fence™

The person on the other end of the phone call will clearly hear your voice – and only your voice – while Acoustic Fence automatically minimizes or eliminates background noise around.

iOS & Android Mobile App

Employees can work remotely, review call history, search the directory, or see if a colleague is available for a call — as easily as they do in the office.

Detailed Reporting

Know who is calling who, which employee is the most productive, and identify trends for discovering additional business opportunities.

Returned Call Connector

When a client calls back, their call can be automatically routed directly to the original extension that last dialed them. Never lose a potential sale again!

Call Monitor & Recording

Managers can silently listen in on active calls to monitor performance, jump-in to help, or optionally record calls automatically for review later.

Shared Phone Book

Easily manage one centralized phone book and share that directory of phone numbers automatically to all phones in your system — searchable by name, or company, or email address!

Meet Me Conference

Host multi-party conference calls, anytime you need. Determine if the call will be a webinar style or open group discussion, then send out the invites or have the phone system call them.

Call Queuing

Receive more calls than you can answer? With Phonewire, your callers can wait with music to be answered in order or offer them options to send their call to another phone or voicemail.



Voyager 5200 UC
Over the ear, Bluetooth UC, Noise-canceling


CS 540 Lightweight
Over the ear/head/neck
Noise cancel, EHS, DECT

Savi 8210/8220 Office
Single ear/Dual ear
USB, EHS, Multi-device, DECT, Bluetooth, Noise cancel


Savi 8240 Office
Over the ear/head/neck
USB, EHS, Multi-device, DECT, Bluetooth, Noise cancel



Basic VVX150 Deskset
Home office/common-area use


2.8″ Color VVX250 Deskset
Small office/general use


3.5″ Color VVX350 Deskset
Active office/Call center user

4.3″ Color VVX450 Deskset
Knowledge workers/Managers


Poly Edge E220
Knowledge worker/Professionals


Poly Edge E300
Executive office/Administrators


Poly Edge E450
Executive phone with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Polycom Trio 8800
Larger Room, 20-foot Pickup

Room Systems


Poly Studio P15 Webcam
Personal USB Video Bar
Automatic framing, Noise-block,
Acoustic Fence


Poly Studio
Premium USB Video Bar
Auto framing, Speaker tracking,
Noise-block, Acoustic Fence

Poly Studio X30
No computer needed.
Best for up to 6 participants.

Poly Studio X50
No computer needed.
Best for up to 10 participants.

There’s even more to Polycom VVX

Connect with us to find out if Polycom with Acoustic Fence Technology is right for your business.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“When a patient accidentally calls the Belleville office instead of the Mt. Vernon location, instead of asking them to hang up and dial another number (hoping we don’t lose that new client), we can now just transfer them to the other office without their ever knowing the difference.”

Mary Barr

Periodontics of Southern Illinois

“Switchvox was built for a company just like ours who wants all the features and functionality of an Asterisk-driven system, but one that is preconfigured and packaged at a bundled price that is significantly more affordable than any of the big box brands.”

Mark Ratliff


“As a manager, I never had any way with the old system to know who was calling who, nor was I able to track any trends like what days we seemed to get the most phone traffic and what kind of calls they were.  Having these features help us make better staffing decisions and analyze our advertising effectiveness.”

Mike Truran

St. Louis Food Ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the warranty?

With a 1-year limited warranty, you can focus on growing your business.  If you decide to rent your phones from us, the warranty is extended during the entire rental period.

Can you install it for me?

Yes.  We have a thousands of qualified installers available throughout the United States to install it all — headache free.  Alternatively, some customers choose to install the system themselves with our “remote programming and initial configuration setup” option instead.  It’s entirely your choice — whatever option fits you best.

Do all of these phones work with headsets?

Yes.  You can easily connect a wired or wireless headset to any of these phones.  Ask us to include the number of headsets you need to your proposal and let us know if you’d prefer wireless or wired.

What about regular maintenance and support?

Phonewire is a certified partner with best-in-class product support team.  When you purchase your system, you can optionally purchase a support plan to make sure you keep your new business phone system running smoothly with all the latest features and software upgrades.

Do you offer financing options?

Yes, we do offer financing through our select lenders.  Our attractive financing options make ErisTerminal easy to implement within consideration of your available budget.  Our proposal/quote will typically include one financing suggestion, but please do not hesitate to express your interest in other financing options so we can explore which program would be the best for you.

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