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A smart business owner is always looking for the best value in growing their organization, regardless of the product or service. Innovation in telecommunications has created opportunity for unprecedented savings in business phone service.  Virtual phone service is possible with SIP technology and can offer up to 70% savings compared to traditional phone service. is able to provide SIP phone service over the Internet by connecting your phone system to our service network, nationwide.  Utilizing the power of the Internet for business phone systems, small and large, translates into significant cost savings and added value to business communications.



3bigreasonsPhonewire’s business phone service combines your voice and data over a single connection. Our SIP voice capabilities eliminate the need to accommodate for additional phone lines or T1/PRI installations. Simplify your phone service and pay only for the services and capacity that you need when you need it.



SIP technology allows your business telephone service to connect to a telephone system (such as a PBX) using the “cloud”.  Unlike traditional phone service that requires a physical phone wire to be constructed and installed, SIP phone service can be established virtually without an onsite technician.


3.  ALWAYS AVAILABLE SIP telephone numbers can always be available on the office phone or mobile device of your choosing.  With phone numbers being virtually managed in the “cloud”, automatic failover can be created for that number.  That means that if your office building loses power, your phone service can be automatically sent to your mobile device, secondary business location, or tablet.


SIP phone service for business maintains the best value for growing organizations. The ability to eliminate burdensome physical phone lines and utilize current internet services is worth it alone. Add to that the ability to install and manage remotely with added recovery features. Industry standards calculate an average of more than 50% savings of old, traditional phone service with the new SIP phone service from Phonewire.