As a small business, do you need to notify customers of important messages or other group announcements?

Of course our TextBox service, the easier way to text-enable your business phone number can send and receive text messages, but sometimes you simply need a way to send one-way announcements via text messaging to a large list of people at once!

Facebook and Twitter are great ways to share information, but not everyone follows their Facebook or Twitter feed 24/7.  And e-mail isn’t always read immediately either.  So if you have a very time-sensitive announcement or simply don’t want your messages simply glanced over, text messaging is by-far the best method.

Did you know there is send a short text message to a large group and it’s free?

Here’s how you do it:

1. Get a Twitter account for your organization.
First, set up a Twitter account for your organization at  It’s completely free.
(No, your members don’t need a Twitter account — just you.)

* Do your best to make your new username as short as possible, then setup your password and account profile.  For this example, let’s say your new Twitter account username is My123News.

2. Spread the word on how to subscribe.
Next, simply tell your members to text “Follow My123News” to 40404.  They’ll receive a random recent tweet of yours to confirm that they are following the right user name, followed by instructions on how to unsubscribe (For example, “Off My123News”).

3. Send your announcements, whenever needed. 
Now any new tweet you post on this new Twitter account will be sent as a text message to each member who signed up — immediately and instantly.  Conveniently send out your announcement anywhere you can log in to Twitter and your members will always be the first to know — ridiculously fast!

Non-profit organizations, churches, schools, youth groups, clubs, associations and others have found this communication option to be invaluable in keeping people engaged, connected, and informed without breaking the bank!

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