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Do Not Call lists and Telezapper products may stop telemarketers from calling your home or cell phone, but they don’t always stop the telemarketers from calling your business line. So, what are you to do when overwhelmed with these daily annoyances? You have probably said “No” to them but they still keep calling back and you wonder, “Was my ‘no’ not convincing enough?”  If you just hang up on them, they’ll only reschedule a call back another day… and another day… and another day.

Well, no longer — Phonewire has the answer to put an end to those telemarketers’ calls once and for all. Here’s how:

telemarketer1) Create a “Go Away” voice mailbox. Ask your phone technician to set up a “virtual voice mailbox” on your phone system. It is a voice mailbox that doesn’t have a particular office phone associated with it, but still has an extension number so you can transfer callers to it. We use extension 404 in our office (IT geeks will get that significance!)

2) Record a “Remove Me” greeting. For example, “Hi. I am the President of this company and I can give you a definitive ‘No!’. We are not interested in your products, services, or surveys. Continued attempts to contact our company will always result in being transferred to this mailbox. I formally request that you remove us from your calling list. Thank you and have a great day.”

3) Instruct all employees to transfer away. Anyone answering calls should transfer these kind of callers to this new voice mailbox extension number. Sit back and follow the plan — in about 2-3 months you won’t be receiving telemarketer calls ever again.