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When it comes to new technology — especially something as complicated (and as critical) as a new phone system — there is a certain amount of time you need to budget for the installation and customized programming before you are able to start using the system.  Understandably, most consumer products are “plug and play” because they may only have 5-10 features that you can turn on and off through a simple phone-menu. But when you grow into a “true” phone system for business use you’ll find hundreds of features and user guides that simply don’t exist (because all that knowledge is usually learned through manufacturer’s certification courses) or the manual is hundreds of pages long and written specifically to an audience of technical experts, not general consumers.

Many of our new customers, especially larger installations, choose to pay the additional charges necessary to have a technician arrive on-site and perform that installation and setup in person.  Although, some of our new customers may choose to save some expense and utilize an alternative installation service we offer called “install-assist”.  With that option, we do as much work as possible in advance to prepare your new system prior to shipping so that you or your IT person can then schedule a date with us where you unbox and connect the equipment so that we can log in remotely through the Internet and finish the last few steps of customization without having to send anyone on-site.  It’s a great way to make sure that all the difficult technical stuff that may take you 5-6 hours can be done already before you even open the box!

How does “Install-Assist” work exactly?

  1. Once you place your order for your new business phone system, every item of your order is immediately pulled from the warehouse and prepared then set aside awaiting shipment to your address.
  2. A technician will then connect all of the essential equipment, install and test any hardware modules necessary, update all of the software/firmware, and register the system for remote control and warranty.
  3. All equipment that was unboxed is now boxed up again, then the entire order is shipped out to you.
  4. When the equipment arrives, you contact us to schedule the best date and time that you or your IT person would like to unbox and setup the equipment with our install-assist team.
  5. On that scheduled date and time, our install-assist team will connect with you or your IT person by phone and complete the installation and custom setup process to have your new system up and running within about an hour.

Do I or my IT person need to be a phone expert?

No, not really.  We expect you have a basic understanding of computer networks and plugging in wires, and you don’t mind taking direction as to what to plug in where.  We also expect that you know where the computer network equipment is in your office, as well as where the phone lines connect (usually in a closet or server room).  But don’t worry too much, simply ask us to talk with you before you order the system and we’ll do our best to be sure everyone is comfortable with the process!