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About Our Team

Many people work behind the scenes and contribute to Phonewire's success. We believe in connecting people. Large business needs to be as easily approachable as a small business to maintain high customer personalization and experience, but a small business needs to have affordable access to the customer knowledge tools of large business to remain competitive.

Matt J. Rygelski

President, CEO, Project Manager
Matt started his professional career as a telecommunication solutions consultant and software engineer. In the 1990’s, he served in product management roles for various startup companies later leading to consulting on product development projects, corporate and government voice network installations, and management of an international human resource outsourcing relationship.

Mr. Rygelski received his Bachelor degree in Management, with a minor in Psychology, from McKendree University with Magna Cum Laude honors. He received a Master of Business Administration degree from Lindenwood University in 2011 and an honorary invitation from Delta Mu Delta, the international honor society in business.

  • Telecommunications 90% 90%
  • Web Programming 60% 60%
  • Product Marketing 75% 75%

Kelly S. Rygelski

Vice President, CFO
Kelly helps to shape the focus and direction of the company.  Her abilities help lead the long-term strategy of the business by developing financial discipline and training standards of the organization.

Mrs. Rygelski received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with Secondary Education certification from McKendree University with Cum Laude honors.  She received a Master of Education from Lindenwood University.  Upon completion of her graduate degree, she was personally invited and graciously accepted membership in Kappa Delta Pi, an International Honor Society.

  • Mathematics 85% 85%
  • Strategy 60% 60%
  • Curriculum 90% 90%

W. John Fabrega

President of Line1 Communications, Inc.
As President of Line1 Communications, Inc., John received his Bachelor degree in Business Management, with a minor in Applied Politics, from Westminster College.  Prior to his current position, he worked as the Regional Finance Director for the Republican National Party and the Finance Director for the Republican Party of Florida.

He has been training in the martial arts since 1979 and is a Sensei with the rank of Renshi in Karate. The character “Ren” means “polished, tempered” and “shi” means “person”. Thus, Renshi indicates a “polished instructor” or expert.

  • Customer Happiness 80% 80%
  • Tech Support 50% 50%
  • Community Relations 75% 75%

Timely Support

Why would you ever choose to “go it alone” if you could have strong people standing beside you, encouraging you and supporting you along the way? Whenever you need us, we’re here to help.

Innovative Ideas

A culture that embraces new ideas leads to innovation.  Our approach to creating quality solutions involves open discussions to challenge the idea of impossibility.

Advanced Technology

Technology changes rapidly.  An organization that resists change will lose customers.  In order to stay relevant and maintain customers, you have to be present.

Clear Communication

It all comes down to communication.  If your organization cannot communicate effectively, internally or externally, customer service and morale will deteriorate.  It’s essential to teamwork and success.

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